So this's how it works over here on the ole 80 Page Giant. A whole bunch of us friends contribute articles about comics.

What does that mean 'about comics'? Well, it means articles about anything to do with the artistic medium known as the comic. Y'know... newspaper strips, comic books, manga, webcomics, and anything else you care to mention that calls itself a comic or cartoon.

We're also here to talk about all the stuff that's risen up around comic books. Comic book movies, cartoons, toylines, magazines, websites, any other paraphenalia you might care to think about.

That's our only rule here at 80 Page Giant! We'll talk about anything we like, as long as it's to do with comics!

We don't really have any singular focus, so don't expect us to only talk about super heroes, or manga, or 70s independant porn comics. We'll rat on about anything that strikes our fancy. In fact that's our only other rule here at 80 Page Giant. We have to have at least 5 posts between topics.

So yeah, you might have noticed from this manifesto that we're kinda unique. In fact I'd go so far as to say we're the most original and different blog on the entire internet. You have never seen a blog like it.

We're a blog about comics.

Mind you, don't think that we're afraid to be unoriginal! Hell no. There's other blogs out there, we know that. But that doesn't mean we should apologise for talking about similar topics, or using similar ideas to them! This is comics, after all! In fact, that's our third rule. Just because it's been done before doesn't mean we can't do it!

So now you know what we're all about, why don't you go enjoy the damned articles instead of reading this load of toss?