Jun 18, 2013

80-Pagecast Episode 7: Distinguished Competition

The 80-Pagecast returns!  This week, we three Marvel Zombies journey to the other side, as we discuss what the deal with DC is.  Also, Rob and Dave try to coax Jen into visiting her comic store, Dave and Jen try to explain Game of Thrones to Rob, and we all try not to laugh at nuclear nipples.  Show notes after the jump.

Jun 4, 2013

80-Pagecast Episode 6: Sales Charts

We will not be canceled! Unfortunately some comicbooks we like get canceled. Jen Ulm, Rob London, and David Henion take a look at some with lows sales they hope don't get canceled. Plus they talk about Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye (yes again), Superior Spider-man (no surprise), and the all new adjectiveless X-men #1. Show notes after the jump.