Oct 21, 2014

80-Pagecast 40: Monster Mash

Spooktober shambles on!  The FANG is all here, as we discuss the SLEWS from NYCC and DC's upcoming BOO-VIES, then STALK about our favourite comics monsters.  TISSUES discussed include Edge of Spider-Verse #5, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1, Ragnarok #2, Loki: Agent of Asgard #7, Death Vigil #4, and SIXIS AXIS #2.  Plus: a dramatic reading of Gargoyles: Action-Packed Pop-Up Adventure!

Oct 18, 2014

Go Home Spider-Man, You're Drunk

Drinking isn't totally anathema to super heroes - Wolverine and the Thing have been known to enjoy a cold beer or two, Thor probably drinks mead with every meal, and the Wasp and the She-Hulk are noted Girl Drink Drunks. (Some, of course, need to stay away from alcohol, like recovering alcoholics Iron Man and Captain Marvel.) But what about Spider-Man, the best superhero of all?  On one hand, Marvel may not want their marquee character to be portrayed as a drinker; but on the other hand as an ostensibly hip young person, it would be a little weird for Peter Parker to be a complete teetotaller. Thus, the compromise: he doesn't drink if he can help it, because he's really bad at it.

"Mattingly, I told you to TRIM those sideburns!"

Oct 17, 2014

Unstable Molecules: Cataclysm

"Hey, my eyes are...well, I guess they are down there, too."
(Amazing Spider-Man #3, written by Dan Slott, art by Humberto Ramos and Victor Olazaba)

The Black Cat just got a new costume in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.  As with most Humberto Ramos designs, it's good - and it doesn't really deviate that much from her previous costumes, most of which have been slight variations on the one she wore in her first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #194. For the most part, her costume only varies in cleavage, which ranges from reasonable...

(Amazing Spider-Man #205, written by David Michelinie, art by Keith Pollard and Jim Mooney)

Oct 7, 2014

80-Pagecast 39: House of Shadows

The Fall festival of Spooktober begins as we look at the week's news. Such as is Gotham worth watching, can Spider-man smell brimstone, or what happened to Polaris's old costumes? Comics we talk about this week are things from 2000 AD like Indigo Prime & Grey Area & Judge Dredd stuff, Gotham Academy #1, Edge of Spider-verse #3 & #4, Space Adventure Cobra (it's cartoon spin off that almost was, Cobra's Psycho car, and Cobra's music video), Fantastic Four #10, and a little bit of Transformers: Robots in Disguise #33. The topic of the week is substitute super heroes. Nurp.