Jul 27, 2013

Spider-Man's Greatest Villains #100-91

"And there I am, without any pants on."
(Spectacular Spider-Man #27, written by Paul Jenkins, art by Mark Buckingham)

Matt Kindt and Marco Rudy's upcoming Marvel Knights Spider-Man series will feature Spider-Man pitted against 99 villains!  Will any of these ones be there?  It'll definitely include some of our previous hundred villains, all available here in handy list format!

Jul 23, 2013

80-Pagecast Episode 10: Convention Inception

For a special SDCC episode Jen Ulm is back too keep Rob London, and David Henion company while they both have the sniffles. Besides lots of news from ComicCon there is also discussion about Botcon and toys and things.

Jul 15, 2013

80 Pagecast Episode 9: Bad Comic Book Movies.

Do you love Jen? Well sorry, she's not here again. It's Rob and David and a new guy called Andrew. Oh well, at least he has an Australian accent?

 In this episode? comics we like, movies we hate, and slightly more foul language than normal. Blame that on the Australian.


And a new feature this week, click read more to see a timed guide to the episode, so you can click around and find the bits you're interested in, plus if we mention something you might need to look at on the internets we might even have a link for it! Our technology just keeps getting better and better.

Jul 2, 2013

80-Pagecast Episode 8: Double Dudes Solo

Jen was having fun at Botcon this week. So Rob & David are podding solo. They end up rambling alot without a topic this time. But do manage to talk about Hawkguy's Pizza Dog, Deadpool, Scarlet Spider, and Wolverine & the X-men. Also David played Double Dragon Neon since the last episode. The songs have started to take hold of him. Like a sorceror controllin' him. Fight five me bro!