Feb 25, 2014

80-Pagecast 24: Hooked on Feels

The Olympics are over but this Galaxy still needs Guarding. We're doing our best by talking about New Warriors, Judge Dredd, more (surprise) Transformers talk, Amazing X-men, She-Hulk, Death's Head, and many meandering topics along the way such as our love of toys, toys, toys. Don't forget to show some love to Bill Mantlo the creator of Rocket Raccoon. Also share with Jen if you have some left over.

Feb 11, 2014

80-Pagecast 23: Here Comes a New Challenger

The Big Game delayed us, but the Olympics will not stop us. We're back to blather on about this, that, and the other thing with our new old friend Matt. Specifically more on Transformers: Dark Cybertron, touching on Beast Hunters, the new Ms Marvel, and the nude in a shower scene Loki: Agent of Asgard. Also we talk about sports and cassette tapes for some reason. We do so enjoy going off topic.