So who's on our team? Let's see... there's...

Andrew Sorohan.
Website  http://www.townsvilletale.com.au
He's first because he's writing this. Andrew is a cartoonist of a tiny little bit of note (not much, though). Andrew is the site's specialist in UK comics (especially the Beano), the Fantastic Four, the Phantom, Archie comics and of course, symbolism in comics.

Website http://obscuretf.com/
Monzo is a guy of ecclectic knowledge. He's a semi-famous uber-fan in the Transformers fan community. Monzo even has his name featured on at least one Transformer, and has another Transformer who is based on him! How cool is that? So of course, mostly he posts about esoteric nonsense on this site.

 Rob London
Website http://www.london.ca/
This guy... this guy is our one official works-for-Marvel dude.  Seriously, he totally works for Marvel. You've never heard of him? That's because he works on the Official Marvel Guide to the Marvel Universe, or whatever it's called. Rob is our resident Spider-Man expert. By which I mean, he literally knows everything about Spider-man. And Venom. The dude literally wrote the guidebook on Venom.

Christine Love
Website http://blog.scoutshonour.com/
Christine is a writer, indie game developer, and blogger of some note. In fact if you're reading this page chances are you came from her blog, so you don't actually need the link above. Oh well. Christine is our resident Manga expert. By which I mean she blogs about... uhhh... yuri manga? Whatever it's called. 

Website  http://geekgirlgo.blogspot.com/
Working tech support by day under her civilian guise as the mild-mannered cranky, short-tempered Jennifer Ulm, the blogger known as Trixter spends her evenings watching old anime with her protege/roommate, painting Warhammer 40k minis, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and pretending to be a sci-fi auteur. Her most precious comics-related possession is the original art for the Death's Head strip High Noon Tex.

Trixter's nonsensical ramblings can be found elsewhere on the inter at Geek Girl Go!, a general geek culture blog, and Robot Trees & Other Things, a writing blog. She is also on Twitter as @trixter.

David Henion
Website  http://twitter.com/#!/strangefour
On a remote mountain in America, dormant for centuries, in a deadly confrontation that will decide Earth's fate! David is almost one story high, breathing asthmatic fire, his head in the sky. He'll kill Godzooki before it's too late!

David Willis
Website http://www.shortpacked.com/
Don't expect much from the Willis. He's insanely busy with his six or seven thousand world-famous webcomics that he works on all the time. But sometimes he posts stuff here under the cunning psuedonym of "Walky".