Jan 21, 2014

80-Pagecast 22: Rising like a Pheonix

This fortnight we reflect upon comics such as Deadpool Gauntlet, Superior Spider-man (again), Superior Foes (again), Afterlife with Archie (smell), Revolutionary War (UK flashback), Dark Cybertron & Transformers breaking news, Young Avengers (joyously gay), Harley Quinn (girl Deadpool), and 7 Billion Needles (read right to left). Then ramble on some about our favorite & most hated comicbook character resurrections.

Intro Music: Amazing Spider-Man (1977) TV opening theme

Appendectomy Music: Great Lakes Avengers, Kirby Krackle

Appendectomy Subject: Steeplejack & Steeplejack

Outro Music: HOUSE theme song, remixed by Lucas Ciarlante

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