Jun 29, 2011

More Unstable Molecules

So, scanner's busted.  That means no Nightwatch for a little while.  It also means that my content will have to be from Marvel's digital comics, which I can make screen captures of - and today, that means more Unstable Molecules!  Today's installment comes from 1975's Fantastic Four #164, written by Roy Thomas, with pencils by George Perez, inks by Joe Sinnott, and colours by Petra Goldberg.  Johnny Storm's off on a date, and he's wearing this, possibly because Annihilus punched him in the head too many times:

You can't talk about "winning combos" ever again, Johnny..

And later on, we see that the ensemble is topped off with bright red platform shoes.

Johnny, you don't wear a mask and your vest is monogrammed.  
His date, future Galactus herald Frankie Raye, reacts as you'd expect.

No, wait, she's actually freaking out after Johnny flames on, because she's deathly afraid of fire for reasons that are incredibly complicated and also pretty goofy.  She's fine with the outfit - everyone is fine with the outfit.  I could see this outfit showing up as a gag, but at no point does anyone comment on the unbelievable hideousness of Johnny's disco cowboy/drunk Elton John/your mom's wallpaper ensemble.  I'm left to conclude that this is how people dressed in the '70s.  How humanity got through the decade without being struck blind, Day of the Triffids-style, is a source of constant amazement to me.

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  1. He doesn't just own and wear that. It's monnogrammed.