Aug 9, 2013

Soundwave is BLUE?

This is a little piece of ephemera that's not going to be of any surprise to most people, but which will hurt other people's brains a little bit. You see in the Marvel Transformers comic books Soundwave (one of the more famous Transformers) wasn't blue, he was purple.

At least in the American Marvel Transformers comic.

In the UK comic he was purple for the reprints they did of American stories, but for UK-originated stories they made him blue! Just like the cartoon.

And the toy.

Except... One time they did redeco him from his original American colouring:

Wow! That hurts my brain.

For those not familiar with purple Soundwave, you can find the original American version of this art here:
NTFA's Soundwave Universe Profile Scan.

And for those curious here's the entire A-Z profile page, including Starscream. Also notice that their profile text is actually re-written from the original Transformers Univers profiles, clearly for space. No pertinent new information was added to either profile.

 --Andrew S.
(Oh yeah, and for some reason Starscream is listed as an Autobot. Who knew?)

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  1. I see they also tried to hide that strange line on his lower faceplate that some artists took to be a mouth.

    And there's Starscream in all his one eared glory.