Aug 6, 2013

80-Pagecast 11: The Gang's All Here.

Hey hey! It's 80 Page-Cast's first ever 4-person podcast! Don't expect these every week! (Mostly the Australian is probably going to be lazy and not show up.)

This week we talked about Bear Cancer, 2000AD, robot feels and of course our main topic, "Everything you knew about them was WRONG!!" Oh, and there was that thing at the end where we look at an obscure Marvel character.

Field Guide after the jump, including some important visual links.


00:01:45: Into Song.

00:02:30: News.
00:07:15: X-men movie.
00:11:00 Bart the bear.

00:12:25 Comics we read this week.
00: 00:23: Off of Fearless Defenders we made a detour. You might need this link to see the 1990s Valkyrie cover we were talking about:
Valkyrie #1 at Mile High Comics
00:25:45 Some 2000AD Progs.
00:32:00 To follow along with the Zombo talk, check out these amazing images:

00:37:30 More Than Meets The Eye #19 takes over!

01:05:50 The Main Topic: Everything you knew was WRONG!
01:05:50 Andrew Takes a stab -- Ravage 2099
Ravage 2099 #9 at Mile High Comics.
01:14:00 Rob's turn at bat (it's about Spider-man, of course.)
01:24:00 Jen takes a swipe.
01:41:00 David totally fails to come up with anything.

01:50:00 Appendectomy
It's Skeletron!
Skeletron at the Marvel Universe Appendix.

Intro Music: Amazing Spider-Man (1977) TV opening theme

Topic Music: Everything You Know is Wrong, Weird Al

Appendectomy Music: Skeletor Theme.

Outro Music: HOUSE theme song, remixed by Lucas Ciarlante

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