Apr 7, 2015

80Pagecast #51: We Dared the Devil

We give you some news, reviews of Fantastic Four #644, various classic Daredevil trades, Baldur's Gate #5, another Inhumanoids mini-comic, Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #39, Transformers #39, and Transformers Windblade #1. And tell you things you can use the 2003 movie Daredevil for as we watched the director's cut in preparation for the upcoming Netflix series.

This will be the last regularly scheduled episode of the 80Pagecast. We'll be back to review other comicbook movies as they come into theaters, look back at the occasional older comic movies, and possibly check out at the above mentioned Daredevil series. This interruption in regular podcasting is so that we can start a podcast about a 90s tv show close to all our hearts.
Intro Music: Amazing Spider-Man (1977) TV opening theme
Appendectomy Music: Great Lakes Avengers, Kirby Krackle
Appendectomy Subject: System Crash
Outro Music: HOUSE theme song, remixed by Lucas Ciarlante
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