Apr 6, 2012

Well played, Darkhold, well played.

Marvel's 1990s comic series "Darkhold" was pretty much a mediocre attempt to cash in on the horror craze started by the success of Ghost Rider. It wasn't that well drawn, and certainly never that well written. But every now and then it was at least kind clever.

Taken from Darkhold #2, art by Richard Case, writing by Chris Cooper.
This is from Darkhold #2. The main characters are searching a military warehouse for a gama bomb that's about to go off. The issue's a little unclear about how this all relates to the supernatural aspects of the book -- mostly it seems to be about the summoning of a hell hound. That's not important. What's important is that this actually led into a surprisingly clever little referential gag.

I dunno. Maybe my guard was just down, but I found this very funny.

--Andrew S.
(And it's nice that they put the reference in, in a way that was in character, and beats the Comics Code. Though I'm not sure the word 'bitch' was much bother for the Code at this stage...)

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