Apr 12, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man #407 is always gonna be with you.

Well, better than the one-stroke penalty you get when you hit your ball into Hydro-Man.
I was reading The Complete Ben Reilly Epic, volume 2 (available at all finer booksellers now, from the good people at Marvel's Trades Department), and the lead issue, 1996's Amazing Spider-Man #407, really grabbed me.  The issue centres around the people of New York City (and specifically, the Human Torch, Silver Sable, and the Sandman) getting used to new Spider-Man Ben Reilly, and around Ben Reilly getting used to his new job in a coffeehouse (because 1996).  It's not the best thing DeFalco's ever written or the best thing Bagley's ever drawn, but it made me smile in that goofy "oh, comics" way that Tom DeFalco does so well.  Specifically, it made me smile three times.

You have to admit, it is fun to say.  Hootie.  Hooootie.
#1: Yes, this book spends half a page talking about Hootie and the Blowfish.  I swear, they were a really big deal at the time.

Tonight's guests: from Caroline in the City, Lea Thompson!  Symkarian mercenary Silver Sable!  And musical guests,  Darius and Friends!
#2: Okay, I'm just really amused by the idea of Silver Sable turning up on 1996-era Letterman.  Do they try and see how many members of the Wild Pack they can cram into the Hello Deli?  Does Dave offer a fifty-dollar bounty on Paul Shaffer's hair?  Does she bring out the Sandman for Stupid Mercenary Tricks, or does he just kind of loaf around the set, like one of Jack Hanna's sloths?

More like "Johnny Mormon", am I right?
#3: The Human Torch will go to ridiculous lengths to avoid swearing in front of women.  Seriously, Johnny, she gets shot at for a living, she'll survive you calling her a bitch.

And that's it.  Play us out, Darius and Friends.

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