Dec 9, 2011

The Illustrated Comic Art Workshop Vol. 1, Part 2

Once again, we return to Frank McLaughlin and Dick Giordano's 1982 artist aide, The Illustrated Comic Art Workshop. Continuing on from our look at classic drawing equipment and how a drafting studio can be set up, this section of the book gives the reader an incredibly extensive guide to the use of perspective in art. There's information on how one can tackle depth, shadows, reflections and more!

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For those who'd rather have this out-of-print book all in one go, I'll be adding a link to a .zip with higher-rez scans of the entire thing in the final post of this series. Until then, enjoy this part!

Again, if you enjoyed the content of this post, I recommend grabbing a copy of Draw Comics with Dick Giordano, which was what inspired me to pick up his older instructional work in the first place. It's much larger than The Illustrated Comic Art Workshop, both in size and scope.

Giordano was a master of his craft, and the artist-types I've shown the book to have enjoyed it immensely. And it's still super cheap on Amazon!


  1. I love the tricks with the X's to separate spaces into equal sized portions using basic geometry. I wonder if Pythagoras knew his teachings would be used to balance out the eaves on barns in Superman comics...

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  3. Monzo-

    Hello- My name is Greg Giordano. I am an artist specializing in comic-style art and am working on my first graphic novel.
    You posted some great scans of The Illustrated Comic Art Workshop Vol. 1, Part 2 on this blog-

    I am desperately trying to find this book- thank you so much for the work you've done thus far. I was wondering if you might have finished the scanning? If not, would you consider some form of payment or trade for art in exchange for scans of the book? please check out my portfolio - if you'd be interested.

    I also might be able to purchase the book if it were for sale.

    Thanks for your time.

    Greg Giordano
    (not related to Dick)