Jun 26, 2011

Sal's Sunday Punch #2

 The thing one needs to remember about a Sal Buscema Punch is that the punch is not the most vital component. The most vital component is that the guy getting hit goes flying, flipping over backwards and screaming. What this means is that even a horse can get in on this action!!

Hulk #265, Writer Bill Mantlo, Artist Sal Buscema, Colourist our friend Bob Sharen.

Hulk #265 has a really original plot line. A villain (the Corrupter) is menacing the Hulk, and Rick Jones sends a message to the Avengers to try and get their help. The message, however, doesn't get through and instead a whole bunch of other random super heroes hear the call! They come together as a team to fight both the Hulk and the Corrupter! Wait... that's starting to sound familiar.

This issue is of course an homage to Avengers #1. Which is either a really awesome reference, or compeltely devoid of creativity, depending on your view of Bill Mantlo. I fall in the 'think it's awesome' category, even if I do acknowledge that sometimes coming up with new and original plots could be a weakness of Mantlo's.

Without a doubt the best thing about this issue is the pair of Sal Buscema punches contained therein. First the Hulk gets kicked by a horse... and then...
You just know he's screaming under that mask.

--Andrew S.
(Oh yeah baby. That's good stuff.)


  1. SVAM? Is this a particularly Nordic horse punch?

  2. Come now, Obs. Have you ever punched a horse into the air before? In my experience that's exactly the sound it makes.

    --Andrew S.