Jun 21, 2011

Unstable Molecules

While I work up the courage to write more about Nightwatch, here's something I came across and just had to share with you - because I hate you.

"You can call it swinging, Flash.  We're both adults."
(Amazing Spider-Man #335, written by David Michelinie, art by Erik Larsen and Terry Austin)
Where to start? The giant arrow over Flash's junk?  Felicia's animal-print pants that correspond with no actual animal?  Or maybe the fact that they've coordinated their shoes with these fashion travesties?


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  2. Oh god... why? Why?

    I think one of the things you neglected in the credits there was to mention the colourist.

    Methinks Bob Sharen deserves some of the blame here, man. Seriously, seriously deserves some of the blame.
    --Andrew S.

  3. What's more, is Flash wearing a one-piece? I mean, I can see some little lines there, but they're just not convincing me.

    Maybe they've both come from the beach... After a fluro-ink boat exploded.