Aug 31, 2013

Thugs can't tell it's not bacon.

Seriously, don't.

You guys remember the Punisher Armory, right?  Ten issues of loving descriptions of every firearm, edged weapon, and explosive device in the Punisher's arsenal.  Jeez, ten issues.  People sure loved the Punisher in the '90s.  But even that exhaustive tome didn't cover one of the most devastating weapons in Frank Castle's one-man war on crime. Read on to learn more.

In Spectacular Spider-Man #141, Gerry Conway and Sal Buscema showed us that breakfast is the deadliest meal of the day.

"What's it say?  I CAN'T READ!"

But hey, that only takes out one of those guys, and the Punisher's out of bacon.  Is he gonna stick his hand in a waffle iron?  Strangle him with some sausage links?  Stab him with a grapefruit knife?

Sure, that works too.

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