Jul 15, 2013

80 Pagecast Episode 9: Bad Comic Book Movies.

Do you love Jen? Well sorry, she's not here again. It's Rob and David and a new guy called Andrew. Oh well, at least he has an Australian accent?

 In this episode? comics we like, movies we hate, and slightly more foul language than normal. Blame that on the Australian.


And a new feature this week, click read more to see a timed guide to the episode, so you can click around and find the bits you're interested in, plus if we mention something you might need to look at on the internets we might even have a link for it! Our technology just keeps getting better and better.


00:00:00 Introduction and theme song.

00:03:45 Episode start proper.
(You might want to head over to IMDB if you don't know who Paul Giamati is, or what American Splendor is.)

00:05:00 Comic News.
00:05:00 DC's Villain Month
(As described by a bunch of Marvel Zombies, so you know it's going to be unbiased.)

00:08:00 Marvel Solicits.
(Look out for the Australian's pronunciation of MODOK. What the hell does he think he's saying?)

00:20:00 Is Marvel really hinging its next big event on the Inhumans?

00:22:00 You can find the promo image we're chatting about here:
(For those who aren't sure, Angela is the valkyrie-looking chick in the promo, she used to fight Spawn but now she's in the Marvel Universe! Who knows why? Maybe because she was created by Neil Gaiman. Actually, that's definitely the reason -- my rhetorical question was disingenuous.)

00:27:00 Movie Casting News.
(Tired of us talking about Guardians of the Galaxy? Too bad. IMDB might help you learn more about Karen Gillan, Bautista and Benicio Del Toro than we know. How did we miss Bautista's turn in Man With The Iron Fists as a talking point?)

00:32:30 Stuff We Read This Fortnight
00:32:30 Super Foes of Spider-Man #1
(Was this series written specifically for Rob? Seemingly so.)

00:38:00 Superman: Unchained #1 and 2
(What's this? A DC comic! About time!)

00:42:30 Fantastic Four #9 and Frew's Phantom #1668.
(Revisionist origins! Gotta love them!)

00:51:30 Superior Spider-man

00:57:30 This Episode's Topic: Bad Comic Book Movies.
00:58:00 Howard the Duck and Green Lantern
(Are they the same movie? No, of course not. But David makes a case for how they're similar in more ways than just being giant turds. Plus, including the giant turds.)

1:09:45 Catwoman
(You knew this one was coming, right? Right?)

1:22:00 Man of Steel
(Andrew hated this one, so blame him for any spoilers if you haven't seen it. You can blame other people for it being a complete stinker, though.)


1:34:15 Appendectomy
1:34:15 We're talking about Zzutak. To read along check this page:

1:46:15 Never heard of Kremzeek! maybe this page will explain it better than we did:

The end!

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