Jan 13, 2013

OTP Oddity

In 1956, Atlas Comics (precursor to Marvel) began publishing Dan DeCarlo's short-lived humor series Sherry the Showgirl. In 1964, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko introduced the villainous Kraven the Hunter in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man. In a storyline beginning in 2012, Stan Lee, his brother Larry Lieber, and Alex Saviuk paired the two up in the Spider-Man newspaper strip.

Stan Lee has the weirdest ships you guys seriously

(Cover scans courtesy of comics.org, newspaper strip courtesy Comics Curmudgeon.)


  1. As long as you are giving credit, Roy Thomas is Stan Lee's ghostwriter on the strip, so let's give him a shout-out too. Especially since it was probably his idea...

  2. Sherry the Showgirl... first time I ever hear of this character. I haven't read the newspapers strips either so this is all news to me. Great blog, if you want to visit mine feel free to do so (it's also about comics).