Dec 16, 2012

Sal's Sunday Punch #22

Incredible Hulk #195 Writer Len Wein, artist Sal Buscema.
 You know who my favourite Hulk villain is? It's the Abomination. I love watching the big green Russian monster fight the Incredible Hulk. So today's Sunday Punch is the Abomination and the Hulk fighting each other, from two different eras (in terms of writer) of the Incredible Hulk -- though actually it's all from the same run of Sal Buscema on the Hulk book.

First punch is from Incredible Hulk #195 where the Hulk -- the Green Hulk from the "Hulk smash" era -- fought the Abomination in an amusement park.
Incredible Hulk #289, Writer Bill Mantlo, artist Sal Buscema.

Secondly we have a punch from Incredible Hulk #289, the Hulk getting punched by the Abomination. This is a Hulk with Banner's brain, and it's from a story where the Abomination is being controlled by MODOK. In fact it ties into a story we've talked about before.

Mantlo wrote my favourite Abomination -- one who was afraid of the Hulk because he'd been beaten so badly by him so many times. He was still a terrifying threat, but his fear made him a really unique and interesting villain. We'll have to talk about my all-time favourite Hulk story arc ever some time -- where the Abomination REALLY gets trashed by the Hulk -- but for now you can just enjoy the glory of two different punches all on the same day!

Also -- notice how the use of impact lines evolved between the two stories. The second punch is so much more impactful -- there's more motion in the Abomination's movement, the Hulk's face is easier to read, with more obvious pain. And those clear, hard, impact lines really give the whole thing a massive sense of force.

Though I can't decide if, "BRAM" is really better than, "PHWOOMM", but I guess that part wasn't up to Sal.

--Andrew S.

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