Aug 28, 2012

Spider-Man, Nobody Knows Who You Are

A full-body suit, complete with a voice-muffling mask, is a pretty good disguise, given that it's protected Spider-Man's identity from all but a handful of other people - in fact, it must be a great disguise, given that Spider-Man's constantly meeting people who know Peter Parker, and vice versa.  But sometimes he has to venture into places where neither Spider-Man nor Peter Parker are welcome.  What to do?

His clone, Ben Reilly, had a simple solution - since he never had to go back to looking like Peter Parker, he could opt for a semi-permanent solution and bust out the peroxide:

Okay, I'm a little gay for Ben Reilly now.
(Sensational Spider-Man #0, story and art by Dan Jurgens, inks by Klaus Janson)

Peter was somewhat less than convinced.

" least you don't have hepatitis."
(Spider-Man #69, written by Howard Mackie, art by John Romita Jr. and Al Williamson)

Still, it worked well enough, given that Peter and Ben didn't really run in the same social circles.  But once Peter moved back to New York, people were bound to ask questions.  Luckily, Mary Jane's knowledge of obscure '60s sitcoms saved the day.

You could lose your mind when cousins are two of a kind.
(Spectacular Spider-Man #232, written by Todd DeZago, art by Sal Buscema and Jimmy Palmiotti)

But that was Ben.  Peter had more experience - at the very least, he probably picked something up after he fought the Chameleon a zillion times, right?  Well, those skills were put to the test when Daredevil recruited him to go undercover to find the organ-stealing Surgeon General:

I have caaaaaaandy.
(Daredevil #305, written by D.G. Chichester, art by Scott McDaniel and Chris Ivy)

Okay, maybe he should just stick with the mask.

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