Aug 5, 2012

Sal's Sunday Punch #19

It's a very special herpetological edition of Sal's Sunday Punch!  I've just seen Amazing Spider-Man for the second time, so I'm in the mood for some Lizard!  In 1996's Spectacular Spider-Man #237, written by Todd DeZago and drawn by Sal Buscema and John Stanisci, a now-powerless Peter Parker is in the hospital, and a certain Curt Connors has dropped by to offer his services to his old friend.  But where Connors goes, the Lizard will surely follow!  And he's looking a little...finnier than usual.  Unfortunately for Ben Reilly, he still hits as hard as he always did.

Clever girl.

Making matters worse, the Lizard's arms and legs aren't the only limbs at his disposal...

...because he's got a tail, too, making this the blog's first instance of a Sal Buscema Tail-Swipe!

Shoot her!  Shooooot heeeeeeeer!

But then we cut to the hospital...where Peter's talking to Doc Connors!  So if the Lizard isn't Connors, who is he?

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