Jul 16, 2012

Sal's Sunday Punch #18

Well now, let's talk about Sal Buscema punches in terms of degrees. See sometimes it's a full-on massive group of monsters getting bitch-slapped by the Hulk. Like so:

From Incredible Hulk #248 by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema.

It's violent, it's explosive, but it's also kinda justified. After all these monsters are threatening Jarella and stopping the Hulk from getting to the real threat...

An old man with a stick who likes to garden. Yeah, the Gardener -- despite being one of the elders of the universe -- is not exactly one of the most fearsome foes the Hulk has ever faced.

Which is why he gets a slap, instead of  two-handed punch. You can't really two-hand punch an old man...

--Andrew S.
(Even if he is threatening Jarella.)

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