Jul 9, 2012

Layout and About

I have kind of an ambivalent relationship towards Scott McCloud. I think Understanding Comics stands as a solid examination of the comics art form, and Making Comics contains a variety of worthwhile technical advise. Sandwiched between them, though, is Reinventing Comics, a book that… well, it tried to offer visions for the expansive possibilities of comics on the internet, but mostly it came off like the illustrated version of a really pretentious blog post.

This particular section of Reinventing Comics, showcasing examples of various comic page layouts, was the most worthwhile thing I found in the book. Others might feel differently. *shrug*

1 comment:

  1. I found McCloud's books... kinda unfortunate. There's a bit where he tries to deconstruct Will Eisner's term, "Sequential Art" and it just descends into complete drivel -- and the book kinda felt like that all the way through.