Feb 19, 2012

Sal's Sunday Punch #14

 Man, it's just been way too long since we had a Sunday Punch from our old pal Sal. So how can we possibly make it up to you? Hmmmm... how about Namor punching a bunch of medieval knights?

Welcome to Defenders #4.

Defenders #4 is early enough in Sal's career that he was really still experimenting with the pacing of his comics. Where in later issues this grand shattering punch would usually punctuate the end of the fight scene, in Defenders #4 Sal was using it basically every couple of panels! I mean, seriously, let's go! We've got everything you could want!

The Executioner blasting Namor?
 Boom, done it. Try another one!

How about a medieval knight getting his own back against Namor?

 Boom! Not EXACTLY a Sal Buscema Punch, but nearly there.

C'mon, let's see more. How about knights against everyone? Hulk? Namor? Black Knight?

Okay, so maybe the Hulk has failed us this time. But believe me, there's PLENTY of other Sal Buscema Punches coming from ole Greenskin at a later date. Hmmm, you know who was missing from the last three? Valkyrie.
 Boom! There's Valk for you!

Now how about another one from the Executioner?

Now, the final one is coming and it's a doozy -- a double-punch by... well, why don't you just look?

Namor and Hulk? BOOM!

In conclusion, Defenders #4 has a lot of punching in it.

--Andrew S.

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