Aug 28, 2011

Sal's Sunday Punch #9

What's better than a regular Sal Buscema Punch?  Why, someone Sal Buscema Punching a Nazi, of course.

From Spectacular Spider-Man #196, courtesy of JM DeMatteis and Sal Buscema, geneticist/jerk Baron (Helmut) Zemo has captured Edward Whelan (who he'd mutated into the cannibal rat-man Vermin) and Whelan's psychiatrist Ashley Kafka.  He's trying to make Edward turn back into Vermin, and he's also stopped wearing his mask, letting everyone see his gross melty face (courtesy of a dip into a vat of boiling glue). It all goes pear-shaped, and he tried to make his getaway, but Spider-Man is not about to let a Nazi face go unpunched.

Don't worry, he looked like that before Spider-Man punched him.
It ends well for pretty much everyone - Whelan gets cured, Spider-Man gets to punch a Nazi and also doesn't get eaten by a horrific man-rat, Dr. Kafka de-ages like 20 years and loses 40 pounds before the next time she turns up (seriously, it's weird), and even Zemo, a few years later, sets himself on a path to become...well, an anti-hero at least, as leader of the Thunderbolts.

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