Aug 21, 2011

Sal Buscema Punch #8

So let's get back into some good old fashioned Hulk style punching. So we have this story in Hulk #211 where this old wizard dude (named, I shit you not "Maha Yogi") is holding gladiatorial matches, mostly just to get his jollies. He has this champion called Mongu who is insanely powerful, and Mongu has beaten just about everyone.

Then this happens:

Continued after the read more button, more like.
Well... you just know it wasn't going to end there.

Punching Banner of course led to... well... this...
See? A good Sal Buscema Punch is a huge full stop
on a page of otherwise non-stop action.
Doctor Druid was involved in all this, but honestly, no one gives a crap about him. The important part is that the Hulk jumped up into the stands and smashed Maha Yogi's special magical gem, making him instantly age to like  a million years old.

Mongu tried to stop the Hulk, but well...
Did he punch him in the...? Oh, ouch for you, MOngu.
The lesson in all this is very clear: Don't punch Bruce Banner.

--Andrew S.
(The changes in the purple of Hulk/Banner's pants between panels may be a mistake in the original, but they may also be my fault, from my panel-editting. Just so's you know.)

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