Aug 1, 2011

I'm the Zuggernaut, Bitch

Firestorm has a dismal rogues gallery. He just has a dirty closet mostly full of various furries and bondage fetishists. Looking through those weirdos a strange one just caught my eye.

"Where did my left leg go Torchman?"
Zuggernaut. *snicker* Seriously. That's the name you went with? Something about the design of this giant purple space roach is eerily familiar.

No one ever expects to be molested by a wad of chewing gum.
A man finds an unearthly object near a lake. It reaches out binding itself to his flesh. Fusing together this man with this alien organism to be come a biologically enhanced weapon. Wait just a damn minute...

Red Comet versus the White Devil. Who will survive?
Hint: probably not the fat guy.
He's a pink cockaroach. Who is rather blatantly a pink Guyver. Issue 69 of Firestorm came out in early 1988. Bio Booster Armor Guyver started publication in 1985. Looks to me like like John Ostrander and Joe Brozowski (J. J. Birch) might have artistically plagarised Takaya Yoshiki. But maybe I'm jumping to conclusions.This could all be an homage to an imported manga that found it's way into the DC offices. What are the odds this is a direct rip off--

The Bug Brothers Barbershop Quartet is now accepting
applications for a fourth member.
Zuggernaut blatantly uses the Guyver's Mega-Smasher in an almost direct trace from the first volume. Holy crap Joe Brozowski. All he did was double the antenna, throw in some monster teeth, add some knee spikes, make the Mega-Smasher nipples smaller and ask the colorist not to make him teal. No wonder Zuggernaut was redesigned for his next appearance.

I've used photographs, comics books, paused videos, just about everything one time or another to get just the right pose for a drawing. Heck I designed my own Guyver like monsters when I was in high school. So I can understand borrowing from Guyver. But even at that age I was smart enough to not just trace a panel, slap a new head on and call it a day. You suck Brozowski.

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