Aug 19, 2011

The Greatest Robots in the World: Epsilon

The Greatest Robot in the World is Andrew's favorite Astro Boy story, and his retelling of it to me may have been what got me to pick up Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy manga in the first place.The Greatest Robot in the World is considered to be one of the best Astro Boy stories (if not the best Astro Boy story), and has been adapted at least four times since its inception. Each time, the cast of international robots that feature in it have been adapted in different ways. I had planned to make collages of all of them to showcase these different adaptions - partly because I am very fond of collages - but as it happens, I only got as far as Epsilon, the Australian solar-powered robot.

Epsilon in the original manga, the 1980s TV show, and the 2000 era
TV show. After growing a nose, he decided becoming a girl was the
next logical step.

Andrew doesn't actually like Epsilon because he thinks he's a wuss. He's not very Australian, for sure, but I found his part of the story touching in its own way, because I am a sucker for melodrama.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find an encode of the 1960s TV adaption of The Greatest Robot in the World (which was never dubbed into English), and haven't actually read Naoki Urasawa's Pluto yet despite owning all of it, so those two versions are not present in this collage.

To me, the cream and brown accents of the '80s version don't really come across as good colors for Epsilon, given the florid stylings they went with - he's a very fancy robot with very utilitarian colors. I question the color design there. The '00 version is... well, nothing like how he was originally at all, but it was animated prettily. I guess that counts for something?

Maybe I'll go back and do some more collages. Maybe not! We'll see.


  1. Actually I do like Epsilon a lot. This is the greatest story of all time, Astro Boy or otherwise. I love every single aspect of it.

    But yeah, he's a complete wimp.

    Which is kinda what makes his part of the story awesome. Also, I *LIKE* that a lot of the robots in the story don't particularly relate to some specific, well-known cliche about the country they've come from.

    Well, except maybe for Mt. Blonc.
    --Andrew S.

  2. He is by far my favourite out of all of them. I rate his death as being up there with Setsuko's in Grave of the Fireflies