Jul 24, 2011

Action is his reward.

I know what you like.  Don't think I don't see that the top half of the Popular Posts list is all Archie sex metaphors and lesbian harems (and, uh, Alpha Flight).  You want the S-E-X.  Scanner's still broken, so let's see what I've got on my hard drive...

1992's Amazing Spider-Man #357, written by Al Milgrom with art by Mark Bagley and Randy Emberlin, is the penultimate issue of the truly ridiculous Round Robin: The Sidekick's Revenge storyline, which involves the Secret Empire, the Seekers (not Starscream et al, but some goofy Iron Man villains), obligatory '90s guest stars (Darkhawk!  Nova!  Night Thrasher!), and Moon Knight's presumed-dead-but-actually-an-evil-cyborg sidekick Midnight (hence the title, because Moon Knight is kinda like Batman and his sidekick is kinda like oh ho ho my sides).  Anyway, Spider-Man's taking a break from looking for Nova, who got himself captured because he is a dope - but after a little something something, he gets a call from Moon Knight:

Amusingly, the following panel reveals that Moon Knight heard
this entire conversation.  I bet he spent their next teamup snickering under his cowl.
Peter, you dork.  You're lucky she didn't sell your marriage to Mephisto after that.

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