Jun 7, 2011

This One's For Jameel.

Sometimes you're reading a comic and one or two pages just... stand out for some strange reason.
Merry frickin' Christmas.

Sometimes you can't put your finger on exactly why they stand out... other times, yeah, you totally can.

Something something, deck those halls, something something...

From Archie Digest #58. Best guess on the artist? Al Hartley, maybe. Really not sure. It sorta looks like the way he was drawing Sabrina in the rest of the digest. These two pages are actually kind of a shock in a digest filled with Christmas parables, and tales about angels coming down to the Riverdale kids and preaching to them about the true meaning of Christmas.

What the best that this is what 90 percent of young boys actually remember from this damned digest?

--Andrew S.
(There's a joke about mistletoe and camel toe somewhere in there... but... uhh... make it yourself.)

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