Jun 14, 2011

The Geoff Senior Sideways Shot, Part 1

Sal Buscema has his trademark punch. He's not the only artist with a signature style.

Geoff Senior is one of my favorite Transformers comic artists ever. He started out with Marvel UK, where he drew the famous Ultra Magnus/Galvatron battle from the multi-part saga named "Target: 2006". He later drew several issues of the US title, including the extra-long issue 75, some issues of the follow-up title Transformers: Generation 2, and one issue of the 2007 movie tie-in comics by Titan.
One of his preferred perspective choices to convey a particularly dynamic scene is drawing a character from the side. Not at an angle, not diagonally, just perfectly straight on from the side.

All of these are panels from the aforementioned Ultra Magnus/Galvatron fight originally published in Transformers UK #86.

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  1. Geoff is a really interesting artist. But I'm not sure how useful this observation is, in the end. I think the thing that's striking about Geoff is how dynamic his art is in general.

    I think Geoff Senior's art would really benefit from a page-driven analysis, as opposed to just spotting one of his 'tools'.

    --Andrew S.