Jun 5, 2011

Ben Grimm: Jerk

Hey, Ben Grimm - what do you say to your friend when you find out that his wife's been replaced by a Skrull?

(Fantastic Four #357, written by Tom DeFalco, art by Paul Ryan and Danny Bulanadi)
Yeah, uh...not that.

Given that the guy standing next to Ben there is noted evil mind-controller the Puppet Master, Johnny takes this about as well as you'd expect.  They spend the next five pages beating the crap out of each other; at no point does Ben dispel the notion that he's being mind-controlled, nor does he tell Johnny what the hell is going on.  Honestly, I think he just wanted an excuse to smack the Torch around for stealing his woman.

1 comment:

  1. "Don't tell anyone what you're doing, creating a kind of artificial conflict." Ahhh, one of the weakest storytelling tools of comics.

    And one that gets used over and over and over and over. Damn.

    --Andrew S.
    (Tom DeFalco in particular surely did like this sort of thing.)

    (Stan Lee too.)