Jun 29, 2011

Archie One-Page gags.

Oh Ethel. You're so ugly and repulsive!
So when I'm going through and scanning things from my Archie digests I often end up scanning extra pages, because of course when you lay out a digest on a scanner you end up doing two pages at a time. Sometimes you scan two pages you want, sometimes the second page is something else. Maybe it's ads, or the first page of a story I don't want -- and of course sometimes it's one-page strips that are self-contained jokes.

Rather than just delete these, I've been saving the one pagers. So how about I share a few of them today? Yay!

I'm honestly not positive of the genesis of these one-page gags. Some of them are clearly formatted for the single page -- others are clearly taken from Archie newspaper strips. I'll leave it to you (and to my own comments, let's be honest) to try and decide which is which.

As always there's no credits on these strips, so I can't really help you if you're trying to work out who the artist is on them. I can give you a best guess, but that's about it. So how about we get on with the show?

Moose is definitely one of the most common punchline characters in these things. It's one of the few times that Moose gets to regularly have a starring role, and the gag is always, always the same. LOOK HOW DUMB MOOSE IS, YOU GUYS!

Not that this strip clearly wasn't made for the full comic page, and they stretched it to fit by adding an extra (random) joke panel at the end. What the hell is going on there?

My best guess for the artist on the next two strips would be Stan Goldberg... but honestly I'm not sure. I'd say the first strip, eat treat, is almost definitely Goldberg.

Both those strips feel actually made for the one-page format... but the next page of gags well... they're a completely different format. Enjoy a bunch of one-panel jokes squooshed together on a single page! No idea on the artist.
 So that's about it! Hope you enjoyed!
--Andrew S.

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